UHI Cities

Landsat data has been used to create four different maps for each Urban Heat Island (UHI). Two of the maps depict land surface temperature/heat, and two maps show the amount of vegetation that is present/absent in each UHI. By clicking on a map, a high resolution image will open in a new web page.

Additionally, these four maps have been imported into a slide show application, which automatically transitions between each of the maps. At the bottom of the the slide show are four radio buttons, which can be selected to change the map that is displayed.

Also, an interactive map for each UHI study area was created, using the the Landsat Thermal Infrared (TIR) band to create polygons of the warmest areas within the UHI. This polygon layer is added to the OpenStreets GIS mapping system, to allow for more detailed exploration (at the street name level) of the warming effect within each UHI.

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