The July 2, 2020 Land Surface Temperature (LST) map  for the southern portion of Toronto, which is shown below, was created using Landsat Analysis Ready Data from USGS. The original Kelvin temperatures have been converted to Fahrenheit.  LST temperatures below 80ºF have been group together and are dark blue. LST temperatures from 80ºF to 99ºF  have been group together in 10ºF increments and are colored light blue. LST temperatures from 100ºF to 130ºF have been grouped in 5ºF increments.  The LST temperatures from 130ºF to 137ºF have been grouped as polygon areas. This has been done to reduce the file size, which improves web site performance. The reduced file size takes about one minute to load into your web browser (depending on your network). Please be patient.

Click on the image below to access the interactive Toronto Urban Heat Island map. A new window will open for each click.

Note: The ambient air temperature in Toronto for the day of July 2, 2020 was: Average (83 ºF); Max (95 ºF); Min (70 ºF).  The time of this Landsat data collection was at ~ 11:00 am (for the center of the Landsat scene). The ambient air temperature at this time was ~ 90 ºF. See this  web site link for more details.